QUE4BE Compost Tea CF or “Quest for Black Earth”

Quest is an organic liquid micronutrient that rejuvenates the soil organically. Studies and practical use have shown to produce a better yield, enhances appearance and improves taste in edible crops. ORMI certified QUE4BE will improve all your plants, from large acre farms to your front yard.

  • Use in addition with your other soil additives
  • Studies were conducted on Cotton, Hay Grazer, Corn, Tomatoes, and Soybeans. Has also been applied on various others crops, grasses, fruits, and vegetables.
  • QUE4BE should be applied at 240 ppm which equals 1 gallon of Quest to 4,200 gallons of daily potable water usage. Field applications is 1 gallon of Quest per acre.


  • COTTON- 36% higher yield by weight and bales per acre. 18% faster maturation.
  • CORN- 28% higher production by weight in bushels of dried kernels. 16% faster maturation
  • SOYBEANS- 47% higher production by weight in bushels of dried kernels. 24% faster maturation
  • TOMATOES-56% higher production by weight in fruit. 26% faster maturation
  • PUMPKINS- 23% higher production by weight in fruit. 20% faster maturation

EcoSense Minerals Water-LF
Nutritional additive for livestock water

EcoSense is an organic liquid micronutrient that works naturally with your animals’ digestive system to absorb more vitamins and minerals from their food. ORMI certified EcoSense will improve your animals feed efficiency, as well as performance.

  • The daily dose of Ecosense Minerals Water was calculated to be 240 ppm, which equals to be 1 gallon of Ecosense Minerals Water to 4,200 gallons of daily potable water intake or 10 ounces to 300 gallons. 
  • Ecosense is safe for all animals. 

Studies Conducted:


  • Ecosense Minerals Water is an inexpensive and easy to use product that is applied to your livestock water stations.
  • Cows on EcoSense- average daily gain is 3.5 lbs per day, compared to an average of 2.4 lbs before Ecosense.
  • Calves have been naturally weaning off cows earlier while on Ecosense. 6.5 months compared to 8 months.
  • Loss in calves and cows is <1% compared to 18% since on Ecosense.
  • Cows on Ecosense are also eating 3 lbs less of feed a day. This reduces the methane gas being released.


  • Weight in Bucks has increased by 27.9%
  • Antler mass has increased from an average of 8 lbs to 12 lbs.
  • Number of 4×4 and larger bucks increased by 700%. 28-30 inch bucks are most common.
  • An increase in herd size is found to have a 45% increase in more offspring.


  • Weight in Bucks has increased by 22.2%
  • Antler mass has increased from an average of 2.5 lbs to 4.25 lbs
  • Average antler basket size has increased from 14.75 inches to 18.75 inches.
  • Typical racks of 10 point or better increased by 400%.
  • An increase in herd size is found to have a 44% increase in more offspring.

Agodrout Odor Control Agent or “Ag Odor Out”

Agodrout is a non-aerosol, organic liquid that eliminates offensive odors. Agodrout Odor Control Agent does not contain any perfumes or fragrances, it has no odor. Independent researchers discovered it to be completely safe for all animals, from household pets to livestock. ORMI certified Agodrout Odor Control Agent is 100% organic with a wide variety of uses, including in sewage treatment and waste disposal facilities.

  • This product eliminates many odor causing agents as well as inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Usage rate is 1 part to 25 parts water, sprayed onto odor causative area.
  • In cases where large amounts of waste are present, more concentrated solutions may be needed. When continuous wastes are occurring, repeated applications of Agodrout will be needed to suit odor requirements.
  • Typical Methods: hand sprayer, garden sprayer, trailer mounted spray rig, tractor mounted spray rig.
  • On areas greater than 640 acres (1 square mile) Agodrout may be sprayed by helicopter and plane. 
  • On municipal and industrial waste applications a spray bar can be mounted to garbage trucks or continuously injected via chemical pump into the affected waste stream.

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