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AGODROUT Odor Control Agent Product Data

AGODROUT, a newly developed environmentally friendly product that has been placed on the market to aid industry personnel in the treatment of agricultural, municipal and industrial effluent from a variety of sources. AGODROUT is an excellent environmentally friendly agricultural waste odor eliminator and is an ORGANIC OMRI certified product.

In addition to these studies, AGODROUT has been subjected to hazardous decomposition by-product studies and shown to have no known hazardous decomposition by-products when subjected to temperatures up to 500 degrees F and 10,000 standard pounds per square inch pressure.

AGODROUT has been tested and found to be safe for use with a wide range of aquatic flora and fauna of both fresh and marine varieties. By its chemically designed nature, AGODROUT aids in the process of Oxygen solubilization and transport in aquatic systems. Anaerobic biological systems are inhibited by the presence and water solubilization of Oxygen.

AGODROUT will help remove inorganic and organic sulfur odor causing compounds such as Hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and carbonyl sulfides. This product eliminates many other odor causative agents as well as inhibits bacterial growth. Usage rate is 1 part to 50 parts water. Sprayed onto odor causative area.

AGODROUT has been utilized in numerous fresh and marine aquatic systems and has been found to aid in the maintenance of a healthy, natural balance of Oxygen concentration throughout the various aerobic, facultative anaerobic and anaerobic environments found in typical natural systems. Under the influence of AGODROUT when properly treated, normal agricultural and industrial effluents containing toxic and unhealthy quantities of inorganic and organic wastes such as nitrates, nitrites and many organic and inorganic fertilizers are brought down to well below state and federal standards making the effluent safe for use as irrigation water on a wide variety of crops including those utilized for animal and human consumption. 

AGODROUT is an excellent decontamination product on both bacterial and viral contaminated soils and crops.

 Laboratory testing should be utilized to determine each individual soil and/or crop treatment need.


AGODROUT is diluted 1:10 up to 1:50 in fresh water for general application. In cases where large amounts of waste are present, more concentrated solutions may be needed. Where continuous wastes are occurring, repeated applications of AGODROUT will be needed to suit odor requirements.


AGODROUT is typically sprayed via the following application methods:                              

1) Hand spray bottle

2) Garden sprayer

3) Small trailer mounted spray rig

4) Tractor mounted spray rig.

5) On areas greater than 640 acres (1 square mile) AGODROUT may be sprayed by helicopter and plane.

6) In municipal and industrial waste applications a spray bar can be mounted to garbage trucks or continuously injected via chemical pump into the affected waste stream.