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We are a family-owned and operated organic chemical company that strives to improve the agriculture industry through the use of safe and organic products. Our products are used to create healthier animals and crops, while helping you to be more efficient and profitable.


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Compost Tea CF

Quest is an organic liquid micronutrient that rejuvenates the soil organically. Studies and practical use have shown to produce a better yield, enhances appearance and improves taste in edible crops. ORMI certified QUE4BE will improve all your plants, from large acre farms to your front yard.

Nutritional additive for livestock water

EcoSense is an organic liquid micronutrient that works naturally with your animals’ digestive system to absorb more vitamins and minerals from their food. ORMI certified EcoSense will improve your animals feed efficiency, as well as performance.

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Odor Control Agent

Agodrout is a non-aerosol, organic liquid that eliminates offensive odors. ORMI certified Agodrout Odor Control Agent is 100% organic with a wide variety of uses, including in sewage treatment and waste disposal facilities.

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Our Vision

We are a family that is committed to improving the agricultural industry through the use of safe and organic products. Healthier animals and crops means healthier profits for you.

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